The organizers, sponsors, and participants of the 2015 New England Bike-Walk Summit are so grateful to this year’s presenters!

Click the file names to download the presentation slides (either PPT or PDF). Please note that some presentations have not been included, at the request of the presenters.

Community Engagement: People as Resources (part 1)
a. Brian Sites: “Re-aligning, Re-branding, Re-destination(ing)”
b. Stacey Beuttell: “Students Lending Their Voices to Pedestrian Advocacy”

Trial & Error & Success: Placemaking and Pop-Up Projects
a. Barbara Jacobson: “Bicycling: Going Beyond the Paint”
b. Noah Hicks: “Sustaining a Bike Community Through Pop-Up Shops: Dorchester’s Bowdoin Bike School”
c. Jason Van Driesche: “Better Biking Now: Quick and Easy Wins Using Nothing But Paint”

Engineering and Design Done Right (part 1)
a. Daniel Biggs & Cheri Ruane: “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How Trails Should Be Integrated Into the Landscape to Create Spaces, and Places”
b. Greg Bakos: “Bike Facility / Traffic Control Standards and Guidelines”
c. Lou Rabito & Nick Jackson: “MassDOT’s Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide”

Community Engagement: People as Resources (part 2)
a. Pete Stidman & Stacy Thompson: “How Boston Got to Commonwealth Avenue”
b. Nick Meltzer: “The Silent Majority: Better Decisions Through Better Data”
c. Jim Tasse: “The Power of Maine’s Community Spokes”

Greater Connectivity for Greater Utility
a. David Loutzenheiser & Amber Christofferson: “Landline: Metro Boston’s Greenway Network, Connecting People and Places” part 1 and part 2
b. Jack Madden: “Developing Low-Stress Bicycle Networks”
c. Paul Niehoff: “Wayfinding: A Regional Perspective and a Regional Plan”

Data: Collecting it Properly and Using it Wisely
a. Elizabeth Wolfe: “Bicycle Observation Studies: How to Obtain High-Quality Data Only Using the Naked Eye”
b. Sandra Clarey & Jeffrey Parenti: “Bicycles Count in Cambridge”
c. Alex Krogh-Grabbe: “Bike/Ped Count Data in the Age of Smartphones and Algorhythms: Risks and Opportunities”

A Winter’s Tale: Season-Related Issues and Solutions
a. Katelin Brewer-Colie: “Getting Traction: Practical Considerations for Effective Winter Maintenance of Bike Facilities”
b. Galen Mook: “Snow Plows, #WinterBiker, and the DCR: From Grassroots Campaign to Policy Change”
c. Jeffrey Parenti: “Snow Removal: the Agency Perspective”

Engineering and Design Done Right (part 2)
a. Tom Bertulis: “The Sharrow 2.0: How to Carve Space in the Road with Advosory Bike Lanes”
b. Conor Semler, Juliet Walker, & Jason DeGray: “Best Practices in Separated Bike Lanes”
c. Trish Domigan & Scott D’Amelio: “Rail-Trails & Rails With Trails: Lessons Learned”

Safety for All
a. Barbara Jacobson & Stacey Beuttell: “Stakeholder Engagement & the Highway Safety Improvement Program on Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety Awareness and Enforcement”
b. Jessica Mortell & Charlotte Fleetwood: “Vision Zero Boston”